Modular façade from blocks, Reinforcement of soils under slope walls of bridge, using keramzit as filler

Number: Issue 10(2008)
Section: Without a section
The page spacing of the article: 97-104
Keywords: geo-grid, reinforcement, soil, light, keramzit, bridge, slope part of wall, modular, concrete, block.
How to quote an article: C. Jenner, P. Wills, S. Karri, L. Blundell Modular façade from blocks, Reinforcement of soils under slope walls of bridge, using keramzit as filler. Dorogi і mosti [Roads and bridges]. Kyiv, 2008. 10. P. 97-104 [in Russian]


Tensar International Ltd, Blackburn, UK
Maxit UK, Runcorn, UK
Tensar International Ltd, Blackburn, UK
P & S Consulting Engineers Ltd, Lytham St Annes, UK


Design and building of new bridge with arch over canal caused a number of problems in engineers’ work. Aesthetically beautifulness must be combined with canal of 200 years old, which it crosses, and a project must take into account very soft soils of this area. Engineer-consultant has offered to use for bridge base traditional project of brick arch on reinforced pile foundation. However, first time in Europe, project of four slopes is based on soils, reinforced by geo-grids with keramzit as filler. Since 1980 engineers successfully constructed façade structures on reinforced soils with aim of ready-made concrete blocks; chosen procedure includes ties inside construction from stainless steel, which are lightly fastened during construction time, and outside brickworks, which will be combined with brick arch construction. Preference of light filler caused new problems both for designer and for contractors.


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