Improving the method of determining the volohanocature in the road constructions by draining layers

Number: Issue 17(2017)
Section: Materials
The page spacing of the article: 81-88
Keywords: drainage systems of shallow laying, water-thermal regime, precipitation, earth's canvas.
How to quote an article: Alina Kvatadze. Improving the method of determining the volohanocature in the road constructions by draining layers. Dorogi і mosti [Roads and bridges]. Kyiv, 2017. 17. P. 81-88 [in Ukrainian]


M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise - DerzhdorNDI SE, Kyiv, Ukraine


The article presents an improved method for determining the volume of moisture storage in road structures of public highways. The use of the proposed method will allow the development of well-grounded measures for the effective regulation of the water-thermal mode of the road structure.


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