Road safety audit

Number: Issue 18(2018)
Section: Civil security
The page spacing of the article: 171-181
Keywords: accident rate, road, road safety audit, traffic safety.
How to quote an article: Tetiana Bondar, Nataliia. Borodina, Oleksandr Pyna. Road safety audit. Dorogi і mosti [Roads and bridges]. Kyiv, 2018. 18. P. 171-181 [in Ukrainian]


M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise - DerzhdorNDI SE, Kyiv, Ukraine
M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise, Kyiv, Ukraina
M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise, Kyiv, Ukraina


Introduction. Addressing the road accidents is a priority in many countries. In order to improve the situation in the countries of the European Community and the United Nations, state safety improvement programs based on the Directive 2008/96 / EC of 19 November 2008 «On Road Safety Management» apply [1]. The said Directive aims to reduce the number of victims in traffic accidents, set the goal – «zero dead in road traffic accidents». Ukraine has also directed its efforts to reduce the number of traffic accidents, as evidenced by the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of the regulatory act «State Program for Enhancing the Level of Road Safety in Ukraine for the Period up to 2020» [2] and the preparation of state-level experts in traffic safety management. The Road Traffic Safety Management System in Ukraine can be built on the materials obtained by analyzing the factors and causes of road traffic accidents that were obtained at the State Enterprise «M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute» during two decades [3-6].
Problem statement. The high number of accidents in Ukraine testifies to the imperfection of design solutions and road safety management system on highways. That is, firstly, the existing regulatory framework does not ensure the full development of the design solutions that are capable of providing the technical and operational parameters of the highway with the required level of safety for road users and the local population. Secondly, the regulatory documents of Ukraine do not regulate the requirements for intelligent transport systems in terms of traffic safety on the road, which in turn complicates the introduction of the above-mentioned systems in the country. To implement the road safety management system in Ukraine, it is necessary, first of all, to implement the road safety audit procedures. When performing the safety audits of highways, the primary task is to analyze the factors and causes of road accidents.
Purpose. The purpose of the study is to improve traffic management in Ukraine to prevent accidents due to unsatisfactory road conditions.
Materials and methods. The study used the method of statistical processing of data on the number of traffic accidents in Ukraine and the method of systematic analysis of factors and causes of road accidents.
Results. It is determined that improvement of traffic management in Ukraine can be achieved by introducing the road safety audits. The proposed traffic safety management scheme is based on the road safety audit procedure.
Conclusions. The number of deaths per 100 accidents in Ukraine for the period from 2000 to 2017 has decreased, but on public roads, on the contrary, it has increased. The number of injured in 100 accidents is increasing steadily, as in Ukraine as a whole, as well as on public highways. In order to implement the procedures for carrying out audits and road safety inspections in Ukraine, it is necessary, first of all, to introduce the road safety audit procedure at the legislative level. As the legal and regulatory framework of road safety audits is not adopted in Ukraine, it is recommended, as an intermediate stage, to develop recommendations for ensuring and increasing the level of road safety which will be based on the road safety audit procedure. The high level of accidents in Ukraine and the high indicators of their impact assessment show that Ukraine is a state with unbalanced three main components of the impact on the level of road safety, namely: a) the length and technical and operational state of roads which provides safe conditions for all road users; b) the ethics of road users; c) the number and condition of vehicles. In order to effectively implement the road safety management system in Ukraine, it is necessary to further investigate the factors and causes of traffic accidents taking into account the interconnections between the main components of the impact on the level of safety of highways.


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