Assessment of the influence of the group of parameters of the road certificate on the effectiveness of their use by means of factor analysis (on the example of noise protection facilities)

Number: Issue 18(2018)
Section: Construction and civil engineering
The page spacing of the article: 146-158
Keywords: certification, metadata, factor analysis, efficiency, noise protection facility, highway.
How to quote an article: Oleksii Rakhuba, Oleksandr Tymoshchuk. Assessment of the influence of the group of parameters of the road certificate on the effectiveness of their use by means of factor analysis (on the example of noise protection facilities). Dorogi і mosti [Roads and bridges]. Kyiv, 2018. 18. P. 146-158 [in Ukrainian]


National Transport University, Kyiv, Ukrainе
M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise - DerzhdorNDI SE, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction. The data on the highway (metadata) used in the evaluation of the effectiveness of noise protection facilities was analyzed. 
Problem statement. The works performance on certification of the whole Ukrainian highway network taking into account the low level of electronic certificates availability and a large amount of data of the parameters that need to be collected for their creation requires enormous material and technical resources which allocation in the coming years is unlikely. Therefore, to make the justified decisions in the presence of the limited data, it is necessary to determine the impact on the final result (efficiency, cost) and the importance of a separate group of parameters of the road certificate used for a particular research direction (environmental certification, noise pollution, repair planning, etc.).
Results. The method of studying the impact of indicators of the target function (noise level) on the final result (efficiency of noise protection facilities) which is proposed to use during determining the importance of certain parameters of the information database of the road certificate was proposed. The  main stages during evaluation of the separate group of parameters of road certificate using this method are:
- choice of the target function (functional dependence) where the chosen parameters of the evaluation are used;
- analysis of data that impact the final result of the target function and the establishment of evaluation criteria (qualitative or quantitative);
- the impact of a certain parameter (within the limits of its values changes in a given interval) on the final result of the target function is assessed by methods of factor analysis;
- the analysis of the results and the calculation of the tightness of the connections (Spearman's rank correlation coefficients) between the impact factors.
Conclusions. The developed methodology and its practical implementation will allow establishing the importance of separate parameters of the IDRC (Information Database of Road Certificate) that are used for a certain research direction which allows making the justified management decisions.


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