The Collection of scientific papers "Dorogi i mosti" (hereinafter referred to as the Collection) supports the policy of open access to published material, identifying the priority principles for the free dissemination of scientific information and the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of global social progress.

Aims and scope: coverage of scientific results and scientific and methodological developments related to transport infrastructure and promote:

  • sustainable development of transport infrastructure;
  • introduction of innovative road building materials and technologies into practice of road construction and operational maintenance of roads;
  • environmental protection within the impact area of transport infrastructure objects;
  • increased protection and reliability of transport infrastructure objects including the objects that are classified as critical infrastructure objects;
  • economic efficiency of construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure objects and the related works;
  • environmental protection within the road infrastructure objects impact area;
  • raising the level of management in transport infrastructure enterprises;
  • sustainable trade and stock exchange activities in the road sector.

 The manuscripts are eligible for publication in the Collection provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • contain scientific novelty;
  • are of scientific and methodical nature and reflect the new methods of production,   testing, measurement, a new technology or related technical solutions;
  • are observational and part of a series of articles devoted to the same subject of research. 

The Collection publishes manuscripts by specialties for which the preparation of the applicants for higher education is carried out (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 29, 2015 No. 266), to wit:
051 “Economics”
073 “Management”
183 “Environmental protection technology”
192 “Building and civil engineering”
193 “Geodesy and land management”
194 “Hydrotechnical construction, water engineering and water technology”
263 “Civil security”
275 “Transport technology (by type)”

The Editors of the Collection adhere to the principles of academic integrity, editorial ethics and compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, regulatory acts of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and the  State Agency for the Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The Editors of the Collection direct its efforts to:

  •  preventing and non-admission of the cases of poor-quality scientific research;
  •  ensuring the coordination and observance of the balance of interests of the authors, readers, the Editorial board, the reviewers and the readers.

The users of the Collection have the right to freely read, download, copy and distribute the content for educational and scientific purposes with the obligatory indication of authorship, which complies with the principles of the Creative Commons type CC BY-NC 4.0 license..