Roads and bridges. Collection of scientific works


About the journal 

The journal "Series of Letters "Roads and Bridges" is registered in 2003 (Certificate of State Registration of Printed Media dated 20.10.2003, KВ N 8005 issued by the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine). The journal is indexed in Google Scholar. The papers are published in Ukrainian and English. It is published 2 times in an year. Hardcopy is available for purchasing. 



The collection of scientific works "Dorogi i mosti" (hereinafter referred to as the Collection) supports the policy of open access to published material, identifying the priority principles for the free dissemination of scientific information and the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of global social progress.

The purpose of the Collection: coverage of scientific results and scientific and methodological developments related to transport infrastructure.  

The tasks of the Collection are the development of scientific research that promotes:
♦ sustainable development transport infrastructure;
♦ environmental protection within the impact area of transport infrastructure objects;
♦ increased protection and reliability of transport infrastructure objects including the objects that are classified as critical infrastructure objects;
♦ economic efficiency of the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure objects and the related full range of works;
♦ raising the level of management in transport infrastructure enterprises;
♦ intellectual activity, trade and stock exchange activities in the road sector.

In detail

Scientific Subjects

Scientific subjects of the Collection of scientific works «Dorogi і mosti» outline the activities of the M.P. Shulgin State Road Research Institute State Enterprise (DerzhdorNDI SE) and correspond to six specialties which provide training for higher education graduates (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 29, 2015 N 266):

051 Economics;
073 Management;
076 Entrepreneurship. Trade and Stock Activities;
183 Environmental Protection Technologies;
192 Construction and Civil Engineering;
263 Civil Protection.

In detail

Order of registration and submission of publications

Manuscript for publication is submitted to the editors of the collection of scientific works " Dorogi і mosti" or is sent to the e-mail of the collection:

When submitted directly to the editors of the collection, it should be in a hard copy in duplicate and its electronic version is sent to the e-mail of the collection The electronic version of the article should fully correspond to the hard copy. The manuscript must be signed on each page by all the co-authors or their responsible representative.

When submitting the manuscript of the publication to the collection's e-mail address, an email is sent from the e-mail address which is indicated on the author’s ORCID page.

The following is added to the manuscript:

1) Cover letter from the author (in case of the collective work of the authors - from the responsible representative) in accordance with the established form. The cover letter can be submitted both, in a hard copy or electronically to the e-mail of the scientific collection. The name of the specialty upon which the article is submitted (051 "Economics"; 073 "Management"; 076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange activity"; 183 "Environmental Protection Technologies"; 192 "Construction and Civil Engineering"; 263 "Civil Security") should be indicated in the cover letter. 
2) Information on the authors is to be provided in the established format (see Annex B). Information on the authors must be submitted in two languages - in Ukrainian and in English.
3) A review of the manuscript  by a scientist who has an academic degree and conducts the research under the specialties of the collection and has published at least one manuscript in the editions included to the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine or foreign editions included in Web of Science Core Collection and / or Scopus for the last three years or has a monograph or sections of monographs published by international publishing houses related to categories A, B or C according to the classification of the Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE).

A review of the manuscript may be sent to the e-mail address of the collection by the reviewer from his e-mail, which is indicated on his personal page ORCID.

In the event if the manuscript does not meet the requirements for the processing and submission of manuscripts for publication in the collection of scientific works "Dorogi i mosti" which are specified in this Procedure, the manuscript is not accepted for consideration.

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Editorial board

Editor-in-chief:  Artem Bezuglyi, PhD.

Deputy editor:  Valerii Vyrozhemskyi, PhD. 

Publishing editor: Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher Nataliіa Borodina.

Members of the editorial board: Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher Ihor Babyak, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Anzhelika Batrakova; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Nataliya Vnukova; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Igor Gameliak, Candidate of Engineering Sciences Sergey Golovko; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Anatolii Dekhtiar; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Vitalii Ivanchenko; Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor Petro Koval; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Valentyna Kontseva; Candidate of Engineering Sciences Kateryna Krayushkina; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Sergii Lazarenko; Doctor of Transport Sciences, Professor Gáspár László; Associate Professor, Associate Professor Vasyl Nagaychuk; Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher Alla Novikova; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Arthur Onischenko; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Olena Slavinska; Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Viktoriia Khrutba; Associate Professor Viktor Shumchik (Republic of Belarus).

Technical editor: Oksana Shevchuk.

In detail

Peer-review procedure

Upon receipt of the manuscript for publication to the editorial office of "Dorogi i mosti" collection of scientific works (hereinafter referred to as the Collection), the review is fulfilled concerning:
1) The presence of problem statement;
2) Relevance of chosen topic;
3) Completeness of recent research and publications analysis;
4) Formulation of the purpose and tasks of the work;
5) Description of the main research material and obtained results;
6) Conclusions validity and the novelty of the research;
7) conformity of terminology, level of linguistic presentation of the material with the  manuscript’s style;
8) conclusions summarizing the work’s results and the prospects for further research in determined direction;
9) compliance with the requirements of the Procedure for designing and submitting articles for publication in "Dorogi i mosti" collection of scientific works.

All manuscripts for publications are subject to mandatory review.

In detail